Learn more about or Cuticle Oils

Learn more about or Cuticle Oils

Monkey Farts

Bold and fearless fragrance designed for a daring attitude.

Banana + Grapefruit scents blended with kiwi, bubblegum and strawberries on a subtle base of vanilla.

First impression is a sweet candy-like and joyful tropical experience.

Viva La Juice

Floral scents hiding intentions of misbehaving.

An evoking mix of wild berry and mandarin oranges delicately wrapped in summer gardenia, pink jasmine and bright honeysuckle, then enhanced with traces of vanilla, soft woods and amber.

This perfectly “smell me closer” fragrance will accompany your hands for quite some time after application.

Apple Mango Tango

Because the tasty smell of fruits goes well anytime with anybody!

Sweet apples, pears and white roses blended with aromas of sliced mango, greenery and tiger lily – all sitting on subtle base of floral musk.

The fruity splash for everyone!

Lavender Martini

Complex, educated and absolutely luxurious.

Gin martini and lavender + notes of tangy lemon and oranges, accented with spicy bergamot, mint and a gentle base of rosewood.

The perfect nail finish to highlight any occasion.


Calmed and relaxed unique nature vibe.

Apple + almond scents with a dash of cherry, accompanied by orange, cyclamen and jasmine. Wrapped in a subtle touch of geranium and roses.

The aroma for discrete and playful hands.